Comic Con Pick Ups :-


First of all I want to thank everyone who has supported Woodys Memorabilia over the last two years. We have had a couple of great years but unfortunately we have to move with the times. So our prices will be increasing slightly and I also have now gone VAT REGISTERED meaning I’ll have to add vat into the prices. I’m afraid this is not by choice but a government requirement.


Moving forward we will have a few options for you to choose from when purchasing your consignments. This will help you in processing your orders through the website.


Option 1 :- Standard Items –
– with your standard items we will be looking at your table photos and flat packed pops, anything of a smaller size.


Option 2 :- Medium Items :-
– this will include larger photos and items up to 18×12 mini posters.


Option 3:- Large Items :-
– this will include any props or larger items like full size posters.


GUESTS :- we will now be adding on a small fee for the premium guests so you will have to choose your guest pricing first. This will then give you your starting price followed by selecting your item (standard, medium or large) which will be added on as an additional cost. For example :- 1 x premium guest = £25, 1 x standard item = £0. Which is £25 total. If you want a medium item this would then be charged at £30 and large item £35


Please can you order for each convention separately so there will not be any delays in holding shipments from various events you may order from.


PREMIUM ITEMS – we will now be charging more for premium items. I’ve done all my items for the same cost before and it’s been a lot of hard work especially when it means I have to take poster carriers and also suitcases so there will now be a premium charge for the larger items e.g posters, statue bases and any other obscure items larger than table photos and flat pops.


POSTAGE – postage will be applied after the conventions are finished as I’ve lost a lot of money this year when I’m charging a flat rate of £5 for most U.K. items and not got back what some items have cost me especially when it’s been double. You will have the option to choose what service you would like your item sent back.


– All items when being sent to me need to be prepped. They need to have how you want it signed and what colour etc. I should be able to just pack your item and take it with me. I do not need any pens sent to me as I have my own pens and the results are really good with the pens I use. Please make sure I have your item before the deadline closes. In a result of your item being late we will not refund the fee as this could have been a spot for someone else to take. BUT if your item is taken and not successfully signed at the event then you will be REFUNDED 100%.


PEN COLOURS : we aim to do our best to complete all the orders in the correct colours. For some occasional times there can be issues with the pens. In these minor times we will take it upon ourselves to pick the best colour to suit your item. If our pens fail, it’s very rare but things can happen, we want to confirm that pen colours are NOT 100% Guaranteed but our aim is to get it correct. If your pen colour is not correct this is NOT a valid reason for a refund.


– Table photos , flat funkos , comics and any images up to 10×8 – £20 for regular guests & £25 for premium guests.
– Images above 10×8 including (11×14 , 16×12 , 18×12) – £25 for regular guests & £30 for premium guests.
– Anything larger than 12×18 including props and posters – £30 for regular guests & £35 for premium. 


These costs are based on the fact I have to cover my travel costs , my hotels and also the diamond passes as all this is not cheap.


Please note

I appreciate all your ongoing support and look forward to helping you add to your collection more in 2023

Team Woodys


Optional Products

Below are some pre-signed autographed products that you can purchase to add on a signature from a guest at the conventions above. Consignments are not included so please purchase them in addition to the products below.

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